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Here at Two Tree Lodge we take sustainability seriously and work hard to minimise our impact on the environment!

Our Approach     

  • Option for guests to reuse towels, to save water and reduce chemical detergents

  • Glass bottles in guests’ rooms for milk and water to reduce waste

  • Energy saving light bulbs installed wherever possible

  • Recycling programs in place

  • Recycle bins placed in each room

  • Minimise waste and evaluate operations to ensure they are as efficient as possible

  • Reduce paper by electronic transmission of all documentation where possible, double siding of printing, use of recycled paper etc

  • Partner with suppliers that can provide our group with environmentally sustainable products

  • Dual-flush toilets

  • Vendella supplier for our quilts, made from Grade-A recycled bottles

  • Donate supplementary products, excess linen, and furniture

  • Subscribed to The Hotel Weka programme, recycling the plastic containers from guest amenities

  • To engage our team with ideas and input for sustainability

  • To ensure the development of our team with a positive work environment

  • To provide a safe workplace with work life balance

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